Monday Muse

Monday Muse: Jackie Onassis


Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: One of the greatest style icons to ever be born. Her taste was a model for women in the sixties and seventies. As Jackie Kennedy, she was known for clean cut Chanel suits, complete with triple strand pearl necklace and pillbox hat. Jackie Kennedy was the first woman to give the public a glimpse into the personal lives of the first family, and she was a idol for more than a few American women. Her style during her reign of the white house was timeless, from pregnancy, to mourning, Jackie was always the epitome of simple elegance. Post-first lady, she remarried, and developed her style even further. Opting for a more updated look that included casual pieces. Her white jeans and black turtleneck trend was in every American Closet, and lets not forget an Hermes Scarf and oversized sunglasses, most well known of the Jackie O trends. Above being just a style icon, she exhibited grace and confidence at all times. Showing that she was more than just a well dressed socialite. Jackie was a dedicated philanthropist, book editor, mother and wife.


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