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Monday Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

Monday Muse: Elizabeth Taylor

The Taylor-Burton Diamond, first worn at Princess Grace's 40th Birthday Party.

The Krupp Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor: where do I even start? She was talented, beautiful, and crazy. I could go on for pages about her unbelievable personal life, and career, but lets get down to business, her jewelry collection. I would gladly wed and divorce eight times too, if I could guarantee the Elizabeth Taylor Package, which includes Van Cleef aand Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, Ruser, David Webb, Tiffany and Co, Harry Winston, and quite a few custom pieces as well. Most well known from her collection was her 33 carat square diamond ring from husband Richard Burton, known as the Krupp Diamond. She wore this nearly everyday, especially in her later years. The most impressive piece however was the 68 carat Burton-Taylor Diamond, given to her by Richard Burton. This was the worlds first glimpse at a million dollar diamond and it was given to Taylor at the height of her fame. She and Burton were the most well known couple in the world at the time. After their divorce, however, Taylor auctioned off the diamond and with the proceeds, built a hospital in Botswana. Showing that sometimes, spite for your ex can benefit others. Teach us your ways Elizabeth Taylor!



The Vintage Contessa shares her Disney World favorites

The Vintage Contessa's recent trip to Disney World left much to be discussed and shared...

Every girl grows up dreaming of being a princess and every boy is a prince at some point in life, maybe only on his wedding day, but none the less, Disney inspires greatness and childlike emotions in all of us. We found many moments of our trip to be magical, however others were FAR from that. Hopefully the following tips, will make your stay a little more fulfilling and enjoyable for the entire family.

• When booking a full Disney package, the access to the hotel, was a fabulous experience. We arrived at the airport, retrieved our luggage and easily found the Disney connection. We are quickly led through multiple lines with ease, going directly on our bus to our hotel, The Wilderness Lodge, which was the third stop, I believe. The tv played on the way, entertaining Bella and I got the inside scoop from the woman in front of us who had attended Disney no less than 8 times already.

• I highly recommend staying in a hotel on the monorail. We wasted so much time waiting for buses and boats by staying at the Wilderness Lodge. Although, the hotel was a great hotel, wonderful pool, okay dining experience. It was a bit over the top and loud to me. Next time we would stay at The Contemporary which was recommended or the Grand Floridian in a cheaper room. Although, I don’t think “cheap” applies to much at the Floridian or anything for that matter in Disney.

• If you have a little one more interested in seeing characters, go to Epcot. You can pick up a daily schedule of where each character can be found at each time. Mulan was “in battle” the day we attended, but every other character was there as stated.

• Regarding timing, if I had it to do over again, we would go early, go home in the afternoon to rest, go back around 5, then eat at 6 or 7 and go home PRIOR to the fireworks when everyone goes home.

• I would also make reservations for character breakfasts at 10am so you can sleep in or can go ride the rides at the park before everyone else.

• For dinner, I would reservations with characters at 7pm so you are not rushed after an afternoon of resting.

• I suggest you plan one day at each park, going from park to park wastes time.

• Buy a book or look on line and plan what rides you want to ride and sites you want to see, it can be overwhelming when you arrive.

• Book the basic meal plan, we had the deluxe and it was TOO much food.

• If you book the deluxe meal plan, know you can use your credits for any age. So, if you have 2 adults and 2 children, you still get 4 credits, not identified by adult or children. You can order meals for 3 adults and share. You don’t have to order 2 adults and 2 children.

• If you have extra credits for snacks, you can go into the gift store at any resort and cash them in for “snacks” under a certain dollar amount. We had so many snacks remaining; we bought 16 Halloween Disney treats for Bella’s classmates at her Halloween party coming soon.

• If you have a girl, definitely book Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom and Akershus Princess Storybook in Epcot. Those two spots were a wonderful opportunity to meet each Disney Princess, get an autograph and have a good meal.

• Also Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was not recommended to us, but I wish we would have been able to secure a reservation. If you don’t have a reservation, however, you can go by and have Fairy Dust dashed on you for free.

• The Magic Kingdom is not so magical when it comes selling beer, wine or cocktails. In fact, to be specific, it is NOT served in the kingdom. We lucked out and found more adult beverages at the Food & Wine festival at Epcot. Not to say alcohol is a necessity at Disney, however after a long day of long lines, a glass of wine is a nice way to take of the edge or more if needed.

• Le Cellier at Epcot is one of the more prized locations, however, we couldn’t book a reservations 4 months out at any time earlier than 8:50 and with our early wakeup and poorly planned all day adventure, we felt it was better to cancel than to fight our way there and home.

• I highly recommend booking at least 4 months out and If it is a peak week/weekend, book a full year in advance. There are books and websites that can guide you to a history of traffic at specific months and weeks for the park.

• Friends with older children raved about Harry Potter at Universal Studios, but we didn’t make it there this trip.

• We worked with a great Disney travel agent named Susan Lindstrom who can be reached at or 281.794.6964.

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