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Vintage at the Brits

Stars wear Vintage Norman Norell at the Brit Awards.

Two artists showed up at the Brits on Wednesday night looking stunning in Vintage Norman Norell, this 1960s fashion designer from Indiana made a name for himself first as a costume designer on Broadway, then branched out to fashion. Norell's lines through his career were truly visionary. He was one of the first designers to produce couture ready to wear clothes, which was unheard of at the time. His death in 1972 put an end to the era, but now and then celebs pay tribute to this fashion pioneer.
Lily Allen in Norell's most popular style, the mermaid sheath dress. Navy sequins heads to toe, Allen looks sexy, but still modest, and with her vibrant locks to contrast, this look is fabulous. And we don't hate that yellow Chanel either!

Singer-songwriter, Sophie Ellis Bextor also rocked a vintage Norell on the red carpet on Wednesday, going for a very classically 1960s ruffle black mini. Paired with black pumps, and a shiny clutch.


Jerri Moore at Fashion Houston

The Vintage Contessa not only helped accessorize Chloe Dao's collection during Fashion Houston, but also Jerri Moore, a Houston designer who knows how to mix sweet with sassy, as she debuted her spring 2013 collection.
Her collection was filled with flowing skirts and blouses that billowed as the models worked the runway.

The fabrics she uses and the detailing throughout each piece truly separates Jerri Moore from the rest of the pack. 

Thank you, Jerri, for allowing The Vintage Contessa to help complete your looks at Fashion Houston. It was more than amazing! 


Chloe Dao at Fashion Houston

Chloe Dao, Houston fashion designer and Project Runway Season 2 Winner, showcased her new line of luxurious styles at this year's Fashion Houston.
Her well-executed, high-end collection allowed attendees to see a different side of the her personality. With luxe fabrics and mature designs, Chloe raised the bar when it comes to Texas designers.

The playfulness that she exudes in real-life was also evident in her pieces that not only gave off a mature vibe, but a fun one, as well. Maturity doesn't have to mean boring, right?

This red dress was by far my favorite piece in the collection. It's flirty, but stunning. 

I was truly honored to have been chosen by Chloe to help accessorize her pieces for the night. The vintage jewelry married perfectly with her modern outlook adding value to each one that made it's way down the catwalk. It was a fabulous experience that will never be forgotten in my mind. 

Thank you Chloe for making Fashion Houston such a wonderful experience for The Vintage Contessa.


A Vivid Journey with Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

"Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel" personifies the masterful “Empress of Fashion,” whose influence changed the way we saw beauty, art, publishing, and culture forever. Launching Twiggy and advising Jackie Onassis were only a few of her accomplishments as the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar and editor-in-chief of Vogue. Her final fashion stint at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute gave a historical look at fashion translated to a common language for those in the fashion world.
Although she wasn't a feminist, she revolutionized the role of women in the 20th century bringing culture, art, and fashion revolutions, including the bikini and blue jeans, to the pages of magazines.

The her magazine transformed fashion photography into an art form.  The interviews in her living room she called a garden in hell, revealed so many details of her years at Harpers Bazaar and Vogue that I felt connected to her as a person, editor and fashion lover.

She was not schooled in fashion, however her education was provided by "the world ".  She boldly stated, in order to be in fashion, the first thing you should arrange is to be born in Paris, everything else follows.

She was a dancer of the roaring 20's in NYC and spent many nights dancing in clubs. She proudly proclaimed, " on those evenings I saw a lot of fun." Watching Josephine Baker she commented on her love of that "pizzazz" thing Baker had.

When Jane Pauley asked what personified her style, she replied," a race horse- because they have a little extra pizzazz."  She said she knew if she was going to make it, she had to stand out.

Vreeland lived in and traveled to amazing places, but my favorite quote about a city was her comment, "The best thing about London was Paris."  When she lived in London, she was always sneaking away to Paris.  Diana was very close to CoCo Chanel, wearing many of her pieces, and although she was exposed to the most influential designers of her time, she said that no one had a better feel about luxury than CoCo.

Carmel Snow noticed Vreeland at an event and admired what she had on which, naturally,  was Chanel.  Although she had no experience in fashion, Snow asked her to come on board with Harpers Bazaar stating, "Why don't you try it?" 

Thus, she titled her column, "Why don't you?"  The world was in midst of a recession and Vreeland dreamed up "mad" ideas of excess and luxury.  She had an original point of view that varied from the norm.  It truly separated her from the rest.
My favorite quote of her reads: "Style is everything. It's what gets you up in the morning. And I'm not talking about clothes."  How profound?  I love the quote and couldn’t agree more. Fashion isn’t about the clothes, it is about the way a woman or man carries the clothes. Vreeland nailed it.

In college, the director of the film, LisaImmordino Vreeland, was mesmerized by Diana Vreeland’s presence. She later fell in love with Vreeland’s grandson, becoming an official member of the Vreeland family. Although her background was art history, she had energy towards fashion.

Following the screening, Ms. Lisa Vreeland will engaged in a candid conversation with a friend and Houston Cinema Arts Festival, Lynn Wyatt. 

Diana Vreeland's mystical ways and beliefs continue to resonate throughout the fashion and art world.  Although, the director had concerns about Diana Vreeland being misunderstood, I feel that I understand her quite well and applaud her style, vim and vigor of life, fashion, art and travel.
You are truly an Empress Ms. Vreeland.


Luxury Shopping In Paris

Shopping is just shopping until you go to Paris and do it. Whether you buy a baguette or a handbag, everything seems classier, yummier, more luxurious.
We came across several jewelry stores with an assortment of vintage statement pieces. I love the purple stones!

These Chanel necklaces are perfect for layering or wearing by themselves. 

World famous LadurĂ©e macaroons and pastries.  

Paris really does hold the key to this fashionista's heart!


Street Fashion in Paris During Paris Fashion Week

Just like Milan during Milan Fashion Week, Paris was buzzing with amazing fashion. Duh... it's Paris. These Parisian creatives and fashion-obsessed citizens pranced and posed around every turn. Who can blame them? They looked amazing!
Here are some of the outrageous, but noteworthy looks I saw walk the streets during Paris Fashion Week.

This skirt is my new best friend. She looks sleek, but chic.

Sometimes a girl has to sparkle.

The array of hats on the heads of these fashionistas were certainly a site to see.

She gives Princess Beatrice and her hat she wore to the Royal Wedding a run for her money!

Of course, we can't forget to highlight some of the street style savvy men of the week. What a bold cape!

Of course, I did my best to look the part, too. What do you guys think?


Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show

To say the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show at the Grand Palias during Paris Fashion Week was the highlight of fashion season would be an understatement. Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows how to put on an outstanding show.

Not only was it a complete dream to see the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week, but we had front row seats to the event! *Sigh*

As the models strutted their stuff down the runway lined with wind turbines, stars ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Kanye West to Rachel Zoe sat fully entranced by the airy dresses and blouses that fluttered by. 

At the end of the show Chanel's Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld, made his way down the runway for the finale. 


Milan Street Fashion: Part Due

Ladies, I completely understand your frustration. From season to season, trends are ever-changing, and it sometimes can be overwhelming to keep track of all that is "in", but fret not. This blog is here to see you through. Check out the last 6 trends spotted at Milan Fashion Week 2012.

6. All black with stylish accents.

7. Scarves with bright colors.

   8. Bright colors on everything! 

9. Socks with heels. 

I seriously died when I saw this cape, too! She makes this outfit look effortless.

   10. Men in bright colors. (Of course, men have style, too!)

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post for the top 4 style trends that you need to know about.