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Luxury Shopping In Paris

Shopping is just shopping until you go to Paris and do it. Whether you buy a baguette or a handbag, everything seems classier, yummier, more luxurious.
We came across several jewelry stores with an assortment of vintage statement pieces. I love the purple stones!

These Chanel necklaces are perfect for layering or wearing by themselves. 

World famous Ladurée macaroons and pastries.  

Paris really does hold the key to this fashionista's heart!


Chasing Hermès Around St. Germaine

Did you know that Hermès was the first brand to introduce zippers on ladies handbags? Let's all take a minute to thank Hermès for developing a way to keep our valuables secure and safe within our fashionable accessories.

Now that we have established one of the many cool fun facts that surround this luxury brand, let's delve in to the important stuff, a.k.a the handbags themselves.
The famous Birkin bag debuted in 1984 on the arm of Actress Jane Birkin. It became all the rage then and now! This handbag holds the record for the longest waiting list of any luxury accessory. Talk about crazy!

For a handbag with that long of a waiting list I was surprised that I saw so many on my trip to Paris Fashion Week. Take a look at some of the varieties I saw. 

Of course, Hermès doesn't just make luxury handbags. They've perfected the art of luxury accessories, also. 


Coco Chanel's French Apartment

If you thought the Chanel Summer/Spring 2013 fashion show was amazing, just imagine how Coco Chanel's apartment must be like. The mastermind behind this uber-luxurious women's brand would no doubt have a home like this! Located at 31 Rue Cambon, the dreamy Parisian dwelling represents the blend between Eastern and Western culture.
It's amazing to think that Coco entertained men such as artists, Alberto Giacometti and Igor Stravinksy, within the very walls we were walking in more than 80 years ago.

Handcrafted Chinese screens, crystal chandeliers and animal decor sprinkled each magnificent room. Since traveling was often difficult during her time, she purchased these antique pieces through antique dealers verses directly from the Orient and other areas around the world.  

Behind the façade of the art-deco-influenced exterior and downstairs showrooms, there's a spiral staircase that ascends to an extraordinary second floor.
The central element of the main room was the custom crystal chandelier with iconic "5's", "G's" and "c's" hidden in the iron detailing. 

Chanel was a superstitious woman and often placed open-mouthed frogs, symbols of love, money and luck around the house.  Also, Chanel's favorite flower, the camellia flower, is seen on several decor items in her home. 
Wondering about the lions? Coco was born in February make her astrological sign a Leo, which is a lion. 


Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show

To say the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Runway Show at the Grand Palias during Paris Fashion Week was the highlight of fashion season would be an understatement. Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows how to put on an outstanding show.

Not only was it a complete dream to see the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week, but we had front row seats to the event! *Sigh*

As the models strutted their stuff down the runway lined with wind turbines, stars ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Kanye West to Rachel Zoe sat fully entranced by the airy dresses and blouses that fluttered by. 

At the end of the show Chanel's Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld, made his way down the runway for the finale.