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The Hermes Family | Shop Now at The Vintage Contessa

Named after the actress, singer and style icon - Jane Birkin.  This is the most coveted bag due to its exclusivity.  Worn mostly by top celebrities, the Birkin can range from 7,000 to over $150,000.  At The Vintage Contessa, we keep many Birkins in stock - to see our current selection visit our website.

Originally called Sac à dépêches, it was later named after Grace Kelly.  The Kelly is a little more formal than the Birkin and worn by just as many celebrities.  View our current selection of Kelly Bags on our website. 

The Hermes Constance was designed back in 1959 and named after the designers daughter.  It has recently made a comeback due to its versatility.  The Constance can be worn long or short and was most notably a favorite of Jackie O.  These days you can see it on the arms of young hollywood starlets. View our current selection on our website.

Designed in 1978 and name after the Head of the Hermes Riding Department, The Evelyne was meant to carry equestrian accessories.  These days it is worn by celebrities as a chic carry-all.  The crossbody style makes it more casual, while the leather keeps it luxurious.  View our collection of Hermes Evelynes on our website.


Vintage Gucci: The Museo, The Cafe and Tom Ford

The Gucci Museo, Cafe and Store is fashionablely designed and absolutely inviting. This amazing lunch spot in a communal setting lined with vintage fashion design books, was an oasis from the almost 100 degree weather in Florence. It was all I could do not to buy a stack to add to my ever growing collection at home. However, with the weight of the books, I would have to enjoy them only for the moment.

But lets get back to basics, after a 4 plus hour drive from Forte dei Marmi, with at least an hour and a half looking for a parking space tall enough for our huge rented van, the first item that touched my senses was A/C blowing air at a level we have come to expect with the heat of a Texas summer day.  In only a matter of time my thirst was quenched with a cold glass of Aqua Frizzante. Only then could I allow my other senses to kick in and notice the moderne sleek luxe setting, beginning and ending with the classic GG branding each placemats, napkins and sugars of all things. 

The portions were small but the style was large and the ambience paid dividends. We shopped the collection of handbags while the guys watched over Bella as she drew on an artists pad with markers loaned to her in a Gucci encrusted box.

My cousin Carol and I found a gem of a space with Gucci handbags designed and sold exclusively for the Gucci Museo Boutique. The assortment was small but the designs were amazing. And I love to know when I make a purchase of that caliber, I wont walk into a room and see 2 or 3 other women carrying the exact same bag.

The fun had only begun, and we had yet to embark upon the museum tour. The museum opened one year ago in honor of Gucci's 90th Anniversary.

I have to say I was most inspired by the train cases. We have collected and sold several and I hope one day to find another and keep it for my own personal collection now that I know the history, they seem more important to me. And I had no idea Gucci designed a car.  How hot to drive a Cadillac Seville made in 1979. They made it in 3 colors. Wouldn't a car be the ultimate vintage accessory?

My all time favorite style icons, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly vintage photos lined the stairwell between each of the floors of the museum. Their timeless look and longstanding love of the interlocking G's were showcased prominently. Ironically, my brain was already thinking Gucci from the inception of our trip.

Coincidentally, my overseas flight faetured a documentary: Designer DNA -Tom Ford for Gucci, showing his collections and focusing on his signature look- Sex. And as a fellow Texan, you have to love that this amazingly sexy and talented artist is a Texan too. 

After studying architecture at Parsons, Ford began his career Cathy Hardwick, then under the direction of Mark Jacobs at Perry Ellis.  In 1990 he joined the Gucci group as chief of Ready to Wear, bringing them out of near bankruptcy. In 1994 he took the helm as Creative Director at Gucci. In 2004 he abruptly left after issues with contract negotiations. 

He also directed the reins at YSL while with Gucci, taking inspiration from the YSL Vintage archives throughout his career, reinterpreting the YSL Le Smoking in the form of a velvet jacket for an everyday collection piece. 

In 2005 Ford opened his own men's luxury line and branched out to women's wear in 2010. His styles are still affecting the way women dress today. Ford recommends the woman always shows a part of the body. One part of your clothing should be worn tightly. If the top is tight, the bottom can be loose and vice versa. But the body's movement should be seen. 

He also embraces the difference a high heel makes in a way a women moves. He says, its hard not to be sexy in a high heel.  He knows how to give women confidence through a sense of sensuality. 

The women in Italy embrace this philosophy without even knowing it. Their style is timeless, and their heels are high. Cobblestone streets don't stop them. I still remember the style of the woman who checked us in at our hotel in Venice, in July of 2005 on our honeymoon: Black fitted suit, black t shirt, Gucci belt and killer heels. Her look is so simple, yet so stylish and most importantly: timeless.



The Vintage Contessa shares her Disney World favorites

The Vintage Contessa's recent trip to Disney World left much to be discussed and shared...

Every girl grows up dreaming of being a princess and every boy is a prince at some point in life, maybe only on his wedding day, but none the less, Disney inspires greatness and childlike emotions in all of us. We found many moments of our trip to be magical, however others were FAR from that. Hopefully the following tips, will make your stay a little more fulfilling and enjoyable for the entire family.

• When booking a full Disney package, the access to the hotel, was a fabulous experience. We arrived at the airport, retrieved our luggage and easily found the Disney connection. We are quickly led through multiple lines with ease, going directly on our bus to our hotel, The Wilderness Lodge, which was the third stop, I believe. The tv played on the way, entertaining Bella and I got the inside scoop from the woman in front of us who had attended Disney no less than 8 times already.

• I highly recommend staying in a hotel on the monorail. We wasted so much time waiting for buses and boats by staying at the Wilderness Lodge. Although, the hotel was a great hotel, wonderful pool, okay dining experience. It was a bit over the top and loud to me. Next time we would stay at The Contemporary which was recommended or the Grand Floridian in a cheaper room. Although, I don’t think “cheap” applies to much at the Floridian or anything for that matter in Disney.

• If you have a little one more interested in seeing characters, go to Epcot. You can pick up a daily schedule of where each character can be found at each time. Mulan was “in battle” the day we attended, but every other character was there as stated.

• Regarding timing, if I had it to do over again, we would go early, go home in the afternoon to rest, go back around 5, then eat at 6 or 7 and go home PRIOR to the fireworks when everyone goes home.

• I would also make reservations for character breakfasts at 10am so you can sleep in or can go ride the rides at the park before everyone else.

• For dinner, I would reservations with characters at 7pm so you are not rushed after an afternoon of resting.

• I suggest you plan one day at each park, going from park to park wastes time.

• Buy a book or look on line and plan what rides you want to ride and sites you want to see, it can be overwhelming when you arrive.

• Book the basic meal plan, we had the deluxe and it was TOO much food.

• If you book the deluxe meal plan, know you can use your credits for any age. So, if you have 2 adults and 2 children, you still get 4 credits, not identified by adult or children. You can order meals for 3 adults and share. You don’t have to order 2 adults and 2 children.

• If you have extra credits for snacks, you can go into the gift store at any resort and cash them in for “snacks” under a certain dollar amount. We had so many snacks remaining; we bought 16 Halloween Disney treats for Bella’s classmates at her Halloween party coming soon.

• If you have a girl, definitely book Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom and Akershus Princess Storybook in Epcot. Those two spots were a wonderful opportunity to meet each Disney Princess, get an autograph and have a good meal.

• Also Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was not recommended to us, but I wish we would have been able to secure a reservation. If you don’t have a reservation, however, you can go by and have Fairy Dust dashed on you for free.

• The Magic Kingdom is not so magical when it comes selling beer, wine or cocktails. In fact, to be specific, it is NOT served in the kingdom. We lucked out and found more adult beverages at the Food & Wine festival at Epcot. Not to say alcohol is a necessity at Disney, however after a long day of long lines, a glass of wine is a nice way to take of the edge or more if needed.

• Le Cellier at Epcot is one of the more prized locations, however, we couldn’t book a reservations 4 months out at any time earlier than 8:50 and with our early wakeup and poorly planned all day adventure, we felt it was better to cancel than to fight our way there and home.

• I highly recommend booking at least 4 months out and If it is a peak week/weekend, book a full year in advance. There are books and websites that can guide you to a history of traffic at specific months and weeks for the park.

• Friends with older children raved about Harry Potter at Universal Studios, but we didn’t make it there this trip.

• We worked with a great Disney travel agent named Susan Lindstrom who can be reached at or 281.794.6964.

The Vintage Contessa's favorite princesses...