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What to Wear in Winter to Shop & Dine in Vail, Colorado

Mountain Casual Chic

1. Choose a Cross Body or Messenger handbag. 

Here are two we really like. 

2. Choose a large tote to carry all your gear. 

Featured: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

3. Wear All black with black vegan leather leggings.

Featured: Fur Stole

4. Mix Faux Fur & Real Fur.

For example, mix a faux fur hat with a real fur coat. 

 5. Pretty in Pink.

Pink sweater, Printed vest, pink scarf, pink Handbag. Everything Pink

6.  His/her Rolex Watches, Cartier love bracelets accessorize with MCM Leather Gloves. 

7. In the winter, leave the spike heels at home and instead, opt for rubber bottom boots with a wedge.  

For the Boys

1. The Louis Vuitton Duffle Keepall is great for travel or holding all your gear for skiing or Apreski.

2. Accessories pull it all together. 

Hermes Belt

Rolex Watch

What to Wear in Vail during Winter on the Ski Slopes

1. Bright Colors are the rage on the slopes. Colors such as pink, orange, purple, & turquoise are all popular choices. 

2. Choose a jacket with a fur accent on the collar.

3. Custom fit boots from Beaver Creek Sports

Ask for Greg @skibootfitting on Instagram. 

4. For the kids, we recommend renting skis, boots and poles for a full season. 

Go to Base Mountain Sports before Thanksgiving and rent for a full year for the same price for less than a week rental.

Activities for Kids in Vail During Winter.

1. For intermediate children's Snow Skiing, we highly recommend Ultimate 4 Lessons and recommend reservations. In peak season, classes fill quickly. 

2. Ice skating in Vail, Lionshead, & Beaver Creek. Call ahead for availability but reservations aren't necessary. 

DOBSON ICE ARENA, indoor, located in Lionshead.

For the recreational skater, Dobson Ice Arena hosts open skating sessions for all ages and abilities. The arena also offers a wide array of hockey options for youth and adults, beginners to seasoned players. Call 970-479-2271 for more information. Skate rentals available. Click here for online information.

BLACK FAMILY ICE RINK, located in Beaver Creek Plaza.

Located in the center of Beaver Creek Village, Black Family Ice Rink offers endless family-friendly fun. Skate and helmet rentals are available at the walk-up booth located next to Base Mountain Sports.


Nottingham Park ice rinks will be open to the public for ice skating seven days a week, weather permitting. Skating is free to anyone who has his/her own skates. Skate rentals are available to children and adults at the Recreation Center. Click here for information.

ARRABELLE OUTDOOR ICE RINK, located in Lionshead.

Open daily during the winter season and located in the Lionshead Village surrounded with fire pits! Ice skates available for rent.

SOLARIS OUTDOOR ICE RINK, located in Vail Village.

Open daily, located at the Solaris in Vail Village. Skate rentals available next to the bōl restaurant in the Solaris.

3. Bowling at Bol in Vail Village at Solaris. We recommend making a reservation. Click here for information.

4. Vail library is a great place for story time and visiting authors. Bella and I hosted a book reading of The Vintage Contessa & Princessa. 

5. Ice cream at Rocky mountain Chocolate Factory.

6. Watch a Movie and Dine at Cinebistro at Solaris. Reservations highly recommended. 

7. Watch TV8 for Local News, Activity and Weather.



Hermes Leather & Skin Types D through to G

The Vintage Contessa's A to Z of some of the most popular Hermes leathers used to craft their fabulous bags. In this section we will be exploring D through to F. Shop the complete Hermes collection on our website.

DALMATION BUFFALO: Now discontinued, this is a water buffalo leather. It is known as the dalmation variation due to its spotted appearance. This dalmation effect is created when the leather is dyed not once, but twice. You can identify this leather by the dark veins that feature throughout. The dalmation buffalo leather is often seen in white and black, or with reddish brown tones.


EPSOM: This is an embossed leather, meaning that a pattern has been imprinted into the material. When leather is embossed, or stretched, it becomes rigid due to being compressed. The Epsom leather has a number of advantages, making it a great purchase. For example, it is lightweight and thought to hold its shape well. Epsom leather can also be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. We have a variety of Birkin bags crafted from Epsom leather in stock, you can shop this style here.


EVERCALF: Evercalf leather has a similarly smooth grain to the classic box leather, with a glossy appearance. It is also particularly soft, making it a luxurious leather selection. Evercalf can be delicate, so take particular care of this leather.


EVERGRAIN: Evergrain is an embossed version of the evercalf leather. However, it is softer than other embossed leathers. It has a silky feel and a fine grain. These characteristics make it more susceptible to scratches, but you can often rub any small scratches away with just a finger.


FJORD: This is a vache, or adult cow leather, used by Hermes to this day. It differs from the togo and clemence as the grain is wider, and flatter too. Fjord is a heavy and strong leather, although soft to the touch. It is thought to be both scratch and water resistant, making it a practical, go-to option. We have a black fjord leather Birkin in stock on our website currently, view this bag here.


GULLIVER, NOW KNOWN AS SWIFT: Gulliver/Swift leather has a fine grain and is soft to the touch. It absorbs dye particularly well so colors appear bright and lively. Gulliver/swift leather also reflects light, giving items a beautiful radiant appearance. As with evergrain leather, although Gulliver/swift may be susceptible to scratches, small ones can be rubbed away easily. We have a number of bags crafted from this leather in stock, you can view these our website. 



Hermes Evelyne Bags are Back

          red hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessa   blue hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessatan hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessa
Shop Our New Hermes Evelyne Bags Here
One of our favorite styles is now back in stock at The Vintage Contessa! We have been working on sourcing a new collection of Hermes Evelyne bags for you over the past few months and can now happily share a rainbow of them!
hermes illustration evelyne bag bicycle

Named for Évelyne Bertrand, this easy light weight style was designed in 1978 to carry grooming equipment such as brushes, combs and other horsey must haves. Until recently the bag was part of the equestrian collections, however in recent years it has become extremely popular. It offers a little less 'bling' than a Birkin and the hands free style is so simple for day to day life.  
red hermes evelyne bag street style

celebrity carrying tan hermes evelyne bag

*Haute Tip* The H side is actually the back of the bag, but everyone loves to wear it to the front.

red hermes evelyne bag street style

tan hermes evelyne bag street style

All photography found via Pinterest 


New Hermes Bangles & Bracelets Have Arrived!

There are Hermes bangles as far as the eye can see on the website this week. From printed enamel bangles in every color, to H bracelets, buckle bracelets, and clic clacs, you can stack your arms high with little pieces of Hermes fun! If you are looking for a particular piece please get in touch as the full collection is not yet on the website. Have a happy arm party ;)

Images found via Pinterest. Illustration found via


Rare Hermes Crocodile Constance Bag arrives at The Vintage Contessa

We are so excited to share this rare Hermes crocodile Constance bag with you. It just arrived in our showroom. Please contact us if you would like more information or to purchase!


Hermes Leather & Skin Types A through to C

The Vintage Contessa's A to Z of some of the most popular Hermes leathers used to craft their fabulous bags. In this section we will be exploring A through to C.

ARDENNE: Now discontinued, Ardenne leather is large grain, flat, structured leather (it doesn't slouch or flop). It is scratch resistant and has a touch of a sheen but is not shiny. The leather is lighter and less textured than the Togo. Similar to the current leather Vach Liegee. You can find several Birkins on our website currently which are crafted from Ardenne leather.

BARENIA NATURAL: The original saddle leather, this leather is double tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes and then soaked in a mix of nine different oils over a 5 to 6 week process. The process causes the leather fibers to soak up all the oils, leaving the leather with an interesting characteristic... When scratched, the scratches can be rubbed off with a few swipes of your finger because Barenia is oil absorbent. Also, when rained upon the water droplets will eventually evaporate. There is no aniline finish, therefore this leather will develop a patina. 

BOX CALF: The quintessential Hermes leather crafted from calf. This leather has been around since Hermes has been making handbags. It is a smooth leather with a glossy finish that is susceptible to scratches, however the scratches eventually blend into one glossy mirror-like patina that Box Calf aficionados crave. Care must be taken with this leather when raining, if the raindrops are not wiped off the leather will blister. Under the right care, box calf can last for generations, and is one of the leathers that Hermes will always refurbish. You can find several box calf Birkins, Kelly bags and Constance bags on our website

CHAMONIX: The matte version of Box Calf. This leather handles scratches better than Box Calf, but is worse in the rain, with a greater tendency to blister. The finish applied to this leather gives it an almost plastic appearance at times.

Goathide that is characterized by its pronounced spine pattern down the middle of the skin. Like most goathides, it is lightweight, scratch resistant, and has a sheen to the surface that gives the skin an iridescence. It absorbs color well.

CHEVRE MYSORE: Another goathide but with a less pronounced spine pattern than Coromandel. Lightweight, scratch resistant, and iridescent, it is known for making colors "pop". The grain is more refined than Coromandel. 

CLEMENCE: Clemence  is the hide of the young bull. It's quite soft and squishy and a little heavier than togo. In 30cm, the weight is unnoticeable between Togo and Clemence, however in 35cm, Clemence is heavier than Togo. Clemence takes color more than Togo so Rouge H for example will be deeper and richer in tone in Clemence and a bit lighter in Togo. The Togo keeps its shape more and has a much nicer feel, when open the Clemence is slouchier. This leather has been used since the 1980's, and is now becoming a classic. Another of the Hermes leathers that can be refurbished to almost as good as new, but do take care when it rains as the leather can blister. We have several styles in Clemence on the website at the moment, including this fabulous tricolor you can see in the photograph above.

COURCHEVEL: Recently this leather is only seen in small accessories, however we have both a Kelly bag and a Birkin bag available on the website, so Courchevel fans rush over there now! This leather is very similar to Epsom in appearance. Another embossed leather, it is lightweight and easy to clean.  This leather tends to be shinier and darker at the top of the grain.


Hermes SpecialtyBags

Hermes Specialty Birkins: These bags are for the Drama Queen in you. "Look at me, I'm brave, and I have excellent taste!" says each of these gorgeous Hermes stand-outs.
We love this 35 cm Tri-Color Birkin because its fun and fresh. Get it here from the Vintage Contessa.  

This lovely Picotin, often called the "Baby Birkin" is casual and tasteful. Fun fact: it's one of Hermes' only handbags that does not truly fasten closed.

JPG or Jean Paul Gaultier is the Shoulder Birkin. It's 42cm across with handles
that are longer and go over the shoulder. We love it in contrasting two-tone.

A twist on the classic Birkin, this Arlequin Birkin has six different colors, making it the ultimate color block accessory. No matter how you wear it, this bag will make a statement. 

The Hermes Pochette is styled after the Kelly, but its the size of a small clutch (22cm). It's perfect for the minimalist.

The 32 cm Oxford Ghilies Kelly, makes us swoon! The extra details on the original Kelly design make this bag absolutely lust worthy!

And because we love it so much, here's another 32 cm Ghilies, in fauve.


Hermes Birkin Sizes

Every girl needs a Birkin, but what's the right size? Here is a list of sizes and just a few leather styles that will make you melt for Hermes.

This is the 45 cm Birkin in Black Ardenne, it has longer straps and is great for the traveling man or woman.

The 40 cm Vert Veronese with Gold Hardware Birkin for the toting man or woman. This bag is perfect for those who carry around everything but the kitchen sink.

The Classic 35 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the Holy Grail of handbags. This bag is a piece of art, that will not go unnoticed. 

Slightly smaller, the 30 cm Birkin is elegant and simple. We it love the Purple Fjord leather.

And last but not least 25 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the smallest Birkin made by Hermes. Its amazing, especially in blue Nilo Croc, yum!


Constance is Your New Best Friend!

We are loving this blue Constance from Hermes. It's fun and fresh, while also being classic and elegant. It's the perfect pop of color for your black on black ensemble or just what you need to dress up those boyfriend jeans. Like a true BFF, Constance is the perfect companion for whatever your day has in store. Get it at The Vintage Contessa