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Hermes SpecialtyBags

Hermes Specialty Birkins: These bags are for the Drama Queen in you. "Look at me, I'm brave, and I have excellent taste!" says each of these gorgeous Hermes stand-outs.
We love this 35 cm Tri-Color Birkin because its fun and fresh. Get it here from the Vintage Contessa.  

This lovely Picotin, often called the "Baby Birkin" is casual and tasteful. Fun fact: it's one of Hermes' only handbags that does not truly fasten closed.

JPG or Jean Paul Gaultier is the Shoulder Birkin. It's 42cm across with handles
that are longer and go over the shoulder. We love it in contrasting two-tone.

A twist on the classic Birkin, this Arlequin Birkin has six different colors, making it the ultimate color block accessory. No matter how you wear it, this bag will make a statement. 

The Hermes Pochette is styled after the Kelly, but its the size of a small clutch (22cm). It's perfect for the minimalist.

The 32 cm Oxford Ghilies Kelly, makes us swoon! The extra details on the original Kelly design make this bag absolutely lust worthy!

And because we love it so much, here's another 32 cm Ghilies, in fauve.


Hermes Birkin Sizes

Every girl needs a Birkin, but what's the right size? Here is a list of sizes and just a few leather styles that will make you melt for Hermes.

This is the 45 cm Birkin in Black Ardenne, it has longer straps and is great for the traveling man or woman.

The 40 cm Vert Veronese with Gold Hardware Birkin for the toting man or woman. This bag is perfect for those who carry around everything but the kitchen sink.

The Classic 35 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the Holy Grail of handbags. This bag is a piece of art, that will not go unnoticed. 

Slightly smaller, the 30 cm Birkin is elegant and simple. We it love the Purple Fjord leather.

And last but not least 25 cm Hermes Birkin, this is the smallest Birkin made by Hermes. Its amazing, especially in blue Nilo Croc, yum!


The Hermes Family | Shop Now at The Vintage Contessa

Named after the actress, singer and style icon - Jane Birkin.  This is the most coveted bag due to its exclusivity.  Worn mostly by top celebrities, the Birkin can range from 7,000 to over $150,000.  At The Vintage Contessa, we keep many Birkins in stock - to see our current selection visit our website.

Originally called Sac à dépêches, it was later named after Grace Kelly.  The Kelly is a little more formal than the Birkin and worn by just as many celebrities.  View our current selection of Kelly Bags on our website. 

The Hermes Constance was designed back in 1959 and named after the designers daughter.  It has recently made a comeback due to its versatility.  The Constance can be worn long or short and was most notably a favorite of Jackie O.  These days you can see it on the arms of young hollywood starlets. View our current selection on our website.

Designed in 1978 and name after the Head of the Hermes Riding Department, The Evelyne was meant to carry equestrian accessories.  These days it is worn by celebrities as a chic carry-all.  The crossbody style makes it more casual, while the leather keeps it luxurious.  View our collection of Hermes Evelynes on our website.


How to add Designers Accents to your Home

All Hermes Designer Accents

An Hermes throw to casually dress up a couch.

Louis Vuitton Trunks used as a side table and a holder for all of the controllers 

My personal collection of Bracelets and Cuffs from Hermes to Dior. 

Can you tell I love Pink?  These are three of my newest bags.  Chanel Wallet on a Chain, Hermes Birkin and Celine all in the brightest pinks.  Hidden in the corner is the Judith Leiber Strawberry cupcake clutch as seen on Sex and The City.  

Two of my personal Hermes bags are standing next to the entrance.  The pillow on the chair is a blown up pixelated print of my louis vuitton trunks, designed by my good friend Lucinda Loya.


Celebrities Boasting Birkins

If there is ever a bag that screams luxury and wealth, the Hermes Birkin resides at the top of the handbag food chain. Ranging anywhere from $9,000 to $150,000, celebrities known for their keen eye for style are often seen using these iconic bags on a regular basis. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted carrying it.
Victoria Beckham reigns "Queen of the Birkin" who is rumored to own a Birkin for almost every outfit in her closet! We'd love to see her closet...

Victoria Beckham with Birkins

Victoria Beckham with Red Birkin

Kim Kardashian is also said to have an enormous collection of these Hermes handbags. 

Kim Kardashian with Brown Birkin

Kim Kardashian with Birkin

Along with her sisters, Khloe....

Khloe Kardashian with Yellow Hermes Birkin

...and Kourtney.

Kourtney Kardashian with Orange Hermes Birkin

Even Katie Holmes trotts around NYC with her black Birkin, a color that will go with ANY outfit. 

Katie Holmes with her Black Hermes Birkin

We love Heidi Klum's bright color choice. It's the perfect accessory for any neutral-colored ensemble. 

Heidi Klum with Hermes Birkin

You know you've made it big in Hollywood if a Birkin is your go-to bag for everyday use.