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Hermes Evelyne Bags are Back

          red hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessa   blue hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessatan hermes evelyne bag at the vintage contessa
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One of our favorite styles is now back in stock at The Vintage Contessa! We have been working on sourcing a new collection of Hermes Evelyne bags for you over the past few months and can now happily share a rainbow of them!
hermes illustration evelyne bag bicycle

Named for Évelyne Bertrand, this easy light weight style was designed in 1978 to carry grooming equipment such as brushes, combs and other horsey must haves. Until recently the bag was part of the equestrian collections, however in recent years it has become extremely popular. It offers a little less 'bling' than a Birkin and the hands free style is so simple for day to day life.  
red hermes evelyne bag street style

celebrity carrying tan hermes evelyne bag

*Haute Tip* The H side is actually the back of the bag, but everyone loves to wear it to the front.

red hermes evelyne bag street style

tan hermes evelyne bag street style

All photography found via Pinterest 


The Hermes Family | Shop Now at The Vintage Contessa

Named after the actress, singer and style icon - Jane Birkin.  This is the most coveted bag due to its exclusivity.  Worn mostly by top celebrities, the Birkin can range from 7,000 to over $150,000.  At The Vintage Contessa, we keep many Birkins in stock - to see our current selection visit our website.

Originally called Sac à dépêches, it was later named after Grace Kelly.  The Kelly is a little more formal than the Birkin and worn by just as many celebrities.  View our current selection of Kelly Bags on our website. 

The Hermes Constance was designed back in 1959 and named after the designers daughter.  It has recently made a comeback due to its versatility.  The Constance can be worn long or short and was most notably a favorite of Jackie O.  These days you can see it on the arms of young hollywood starlets. View our current selection on our website.

Designed in 1978 and name after the Head of the Hermes Riding Department, The Evelyne was meant to carry equestrian accessories.  These days it is worn by celebrities as a chic carry-all.  The crossbody style makes it more casual, while the leather keeps it luxurious.  View our collection of Hermes Evelynes on our website.