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Sophia Loren | A Style Icon

Although this Roman native holds the record for being the most awarded Italian actress in history, Señora Loren also holds the exclusive title of "Style Icon". Only a handful of women in history have been able to influence generations of fashionistas to embrace and flaunt their exotic features and natural curves like she could.

In fact, she was often quoted saying, "everything you see, I owe to spaghetti," in reference to her voluptuous figure. Hard to believe carbs ever got within 10 feet of this body, right?

Sophia and one of her two boys with whom she had with her husband, Carlo Ponti. 



Fall is for FUR

The Vintage Contessa shares her favorite Fall trend...
Falls Fabulous Favorite is Fur

One of the fabulous flavors this Fall is FUR. Many utterly glamorous style icons have sported their favorite version of the time tested favorite.

Jackie O

Sophia Loren

Marilyn Monroe

Bridget Bardot

Carrie Bradshaw

Jane Birkin


Fabulous Adventures in New York City

The Vintage Contessa shares about how she spent her time on her recent trip to fabulous New York...
Our journey began with lunch at The Standard Hotel Grill near the Highline. The French Bistro like interior and chalk board style menu were only trumped by the nostalgic vintage individual salt and pepper shakers at each table. Ours were kissing dogs. And with my history in the stone industry, I couldn’t help but be moved by the detailed waterjet stone floor that was so truly French, I could easily expect to see it in the Louvre.

Similar to Café Marly at the Louvre, people watching rivaled the décor. Street fashion that was so on trend , I couldn’t help but join the paparazzi, taking a picture of an ever so chic woman in co co chanel inspired strips with a Kate Moss oversized fur and an effortless ponytail. The restaurant was filled with women that looked like models, joined by men who looked like tycoons.

An afternoon of shopping in the Meatpacking District left me in an ever so fashionable state of mind. Touring Jeffery and window shopping at Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Carols Miele, Intermix, and Scoop I absorbed every bit of their cool “meatpacking” vibe.

For Dinner, we visited Eataly where they say, “ It’s easy to Eat at Eataly because We Cook What We Sell In Store.” It was La Dolce Vita (meaning The Sweet Life or The Good Life) month with 1950 to 1960 with black and white photos of Italian Style Icons including my favorite, Sophia Loren. The visit was less than enchanting but an easy night out for a fair priced meal in NYC.