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Street Style Icon | Olivia Palermo

It is no secret that socialite, model and designer Olivia Palermo has amazing style.  A mixture of Classic and Downtown Chic, Olivia is frequently snapped on the streets of New York looking as perfect as ever. I especially love how she always manages to rock her Birkin with even the most casual outfits.  She definitely favors her Black and Gold Birkins the most.


Street Fashion in Paris During Paris Fashion Week

Just like Milan during Milan Fashion Week, Paris was buzzing with amazing fashion. Duh... it's Paris. These Parisian creatives and fashion-obsessed citizens pranced and posed around every turn. Who can blame them? They looked amazing!
Here are some of the outrageous, but noteworthy looks I saw walk the streets during Paris Fashion Week.

This skirt is my new best friend. She looks sleek, but chic.

Sometimes a girl has to sparkle.

The array of hats on the heads of these fashionistas were certainly a site to see.

She gives Princess Beatrice and her hat she wore to the Royal Wedding a run for her money!

Of course, we can't forget to highlight some of the street style savvy men of the week. What a bold cape!

Of course, I did my best to look the part, too. What do you guys think?


Milan Street Fashion: Part Due

Ladies, I completely understand your frustration. From season to season, trends are ever-changing, and it sometimes can be overwhelming to keep track of all that is "in", but fret not. This blog is here to see you through. Check out the last 6 trends spotted at Milan Fashion Week 2012.

6. All black with stylish accents.

7. Scarves with bright colors.

   8. Bright colors on everything! 

9. Socks with heels. 

I seriously died when I saw this cape, too! She makes this outfit look effortless.

   10. Men in bright colors. (Of course, men have style, too!)

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post for the top 4 style trends that you need to know about.