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Gold Chanel Mini Bag Just Arrived at The Vintage Contessa

We just added this pretty little piece of vintage Chanel to the website

chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa

It is a super sweet bag, perfect for parties or for those days when you need some golden sparkle in your life. The best part? It is only $600

chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa close up

chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa full shot

chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa side shot

chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa back shot

woven leather chain on a chanel vintage gold quilted mini bag at the vintage contessa


The Vintage Contessa Loves The Handbag Concept

Here are The Vintage Contessa we are obsessed with gorgeous handbags and spend a lot of time reading what other bloggers in the handbag community are sharing on their sites. We came across the site The Handbag Concept and just had to share it with you all!

Almost an encyclopedia on luxury bag styles, it is a gorgeous site for learning about iconic bags, whether they are vintage styles or new ones. 

They describe themselves as,

'a sophisticated overview of the worlds most desirable handbags. We focus on in depth research and our blog is enjoyed by discerning admirers of luxury goods around the world.'

So get clicking! Do you have any other blogs you think we just have to read? Post them in the comments section below.


Kirna Zabete & The Vintage Contessa May 17th

Kirna Zabete and The Vintage Contessa invite you.... join us for a Mother Daughter tea, book reading and vintage Chanel & vintage Hermes trunk show on May 17th at the Kirna Zabete New York City Store. The event will be held from 11am to 2pm. We can't wait to see you there!


Introducing The Vintage Contessa & Princessa

A Letter From The Author

I feel as though I'm living a dream to present my first children's book, written in collaboration with my creative and fashion forward six year old daughter, Bella. Set against a fashionable and luxurious backdrop, the story is a journey of discovery for young girls, exposing them to what is truly important in life. This book seeks to celebrate beauty growing from within yourself while sharing special moments with friends and family. The Vintage Contessa & Princessa is about building integrity and creating resilience while following our passions, overcoming challenges and giving to friends.

When Bella and I first thought of writing the book, we knew we wanted to give a portion of the proceeds to help children in the midst of challenges. We had been touched by the sadness of cancer as we watched my 7 year old goddaughter fight to win her battle with the disease. She continues to fight moment by moment, and through her, we have discovered that despite the challenges, there are moments that ARE precious.

We realize now that a smile, a laugh and a rolling of her beautiful blue eyes are one of life's most prized possessions for us. This is the message that the book tries to share with its readers, both young and old; that life is not about perfection, and that the word luxury can be applied to the smallest, most beautiful of moments. Now that we live with cancer in our family, we would like to reach out to other families living with cancer and walk with them in their journey by connecting with charitable organizations in their communities.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Vintage Contessa & Princessa will go to cancer charities in communities around the world. Both Bella and I hope that you and your little Princessa will enjoy reading the book and planning your own fundraising parties to help people with cancer. You can purchase the book on our website here and you can find out more about the Mother Daughter Teas we are doing around the country to raise money for cancer charities here.


Monday Muse

Monday Muse: Jackie Onassis


Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: One of the greatest style icons to ever be born. Her taste was a model for women in the sixties and seventies. As Jackie Kennedy, she was known for clean cut Chanel suits, complete with triple strand pearl necklace and pillbox hat. Jackie Kennedy was the first woman to give the public a glimpse into the personal lives of the first family, and she was a idol for more than a few American women. Her style during her reign of the white house was timeless, from pregnancy, to mourning, Jackie was always the epitome of simple elegance. Post-first lady, she remarried, and developed her style even further. Opting for a more updated look that included casual pieces. Her white jeans and black turtleneck trend was in every American Closet, and lets not forget an Hermes Scarf and oversized sunglasses, most well known of the Jackie O trends. Above being just a style icon, she exhibited grace and confidence at all times. Showing that she was more than just a well dressed socialite. Jackie was a dedicated philanthropist, book editor, mother and wife.


Shopping Locally | Cakewalk Style Shop

Recently stopped in to Cakewalk Style Shop to get some new looks for my trip to LA this weekend.  The girls were very helpful and did a great job styling me up.  These are just a few of the pieces I purchased from their cute shop in Houston. 

Joie Top and Tibi pants

Elizabeth & James Blazer and Tank Mother Denim in The Runaway 

Haute Hippie Blouse and Mother Denim skinny jeans

A table of some of my things.  Prada Sunglasses, Vintage Chanel Earrings and Charmed Circle Stingray Bracelet. 


How to add Designers Accents to your Home

All Hermes Designer Accents

An Hermes throw to casually dress up a couch.

Louis Vuitton Trunks used as a side table and a holder for all of the controllers 

My personal collection of Bracelets and Cuffs from Hermes to Dior. 

Can you tell I love Pink?  These are three of my newest bags.  Chanel Wallet on a Chain, Hermes Birkin and Celine all in the brightest pinks.  Hidden in the corner is the Judith Leiber Strawberry cupcake clutch as seen on Sex and The City.  

Two of my personal Hermes bags are standing next to the entrance.  The pillow on the chair is a blown up pixelated print of my louis vuitton trunks, designed by my good friend Lucinda Loya.


Vintage Chanel Editorial | Elle Magazine

This Vintage Chanel editorial in the August issue of Elle is beyond amazing!  Have you checked our New Arrivals lately?  We actually have a lot of the Vintage Chanel that is featured in this shoot. 
Images via Elle Magazine


A Peek at our Vintage Chanel

For the past couple of days we have been adding a lot of Vintage Chanel jewelry to the website.  We have over 200 pieces and are working to get everything photographed and added as quickly as possible.  In the meantime here is a little peek at some of the Vintage Chanel jewelry that is getting processed.  Make sure to take a look at the Chanel Collection we currently have online.