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Jerri Moore at Fashion Houston

The Vintage Contessa not only helped accessorize Chloe Dao's collection during Fashion Houston, but also Jerri Moore, a Houston designer who knows how to mix sweet with sassy, as she debuted her spring 2013 collection.
Her collection was filled with flowing skirts and blouses that billowed as the models worked the runway.

The fabrics she uses and the detailing throughout each piece truly separates Jerri Moore from the rest of the pack. 

Thank you, Jerri, for allowing The Vintage Contessa to help complete your looks at Fashion Houston. It was more than amazing! 


Chloe Dao at Fashion Houston

Chloe Dao, Houston fashion designer and Project Runway Season 2 Winner, showcased her new line of luxurious styles at this year's Fashion Houston.
Her well-executed, high-end collection allowed attendees to see a different side of the her personality. With luxe fabrics and mature designs, Chloe raised the bar when it comes to Texas designers.

The playfulness that she exudes in real-life was also evident in her pieces that not only gave off a mature vibe, but a fun one, as well. Maturity doesn't have to mean boring, right?

This red dress was by far my favorite piece in the collection. It's flirty, but stunning. 

I was truly honored to have been chosen by Chloe to help accessorize her pieces for the night. The vintage jewelry married perfectly with her modern outlook adding value to each one that made it's way down the catwalk. It was a fabulous experience that will never be forgotten in my mind. 

Thank you Chloe for making Fashion Houston such a wonderful experience for The Vintage Contessa.