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Louis Vuitton Goes on Vacation

Get ready to pack your bags it’s time for summer vacation! Trying to find the perfect luggage to suit your holiday style? Whether you’re jetting off all summer long or taking a quick weekend getaway read on because we have the PERFECT Vuitton option for you.


In For The Long Haul

If far-flung adventures are in your future then spacious luggage is a must have! We suggest the Keepall bag, an ideal piece for stowing all of your outfits and accessories. We have the classic monogram version in a range of sizes, or for the more adventurous why not try a pop of azure blue for the beach? St Tropez is calling our name!

Image from Conde Nast Traveler

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Weekend Getaway

If you’re packing light for a weekend in the sunshine or in the city, then a Speedy bag is the one for you. A smaller option, it can be used as hand luggage for the plane and then as a day bag whilst you’re away!

Image from Conde Nast Traveler

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A Trip With The Girls

A glamorous girls weekend calls for some seriously glamorous girls luggage. Our vintage Vuitton cosmetics cases are the ultimate in jet-setting style. Take one with you for a trip to the spa, shops, or even a bachelorette party.

Image from Conde Nast Traveler

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Days At The Beach

This summer its time to don some serious beach chic.  Sling the casual Saumur bag over your shoulder and get ready for long days lounging in the sun. If work is still on your mind then wrap your digital devices in this darling damier ipad case.

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Shop the iPad case and Saumur bag here

 P.S Don’t forget your dog!

Who said pooches can’t travel in style? Take a look at this vintage Vuitton dog carrier!

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New Vintage Vuitton Bag Arrivals Are Here

vintage louis vuitton bags at the vintage contessa

Vintage Vuitton stocks are back and better than ever at The Vintage Contessa! The perfect traveling companions to take you to fur flung locations this Summer, there is a vintage Louis Vuitton bag for each and every intrepid explorer! Discover our newest arrivals for vintage Louis Vuitton backpacks, vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, vintage Louis Vuitton messenger bags, vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur bags and vintage Louis Vuitton Musette Tango bags. Prices start from $450 upwards.

vintage louis vuitton bags at the vintage contessa

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A History of the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Our Guide to the Iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The story of Louis Vuitton begins all the way back in 1835 when a young boy set off on foot to Paris to find work. Twenty years later that boy opened Louis Vuitton Malletier, a small company crafting travel bags and luggage, and one of the world's most iconic luxury brands was born. The Speedy bag is an integral part of the Louis Vuitton story as it was the first handbag that the brand created.

A smaller version of the keepall bag which Georges Vuitton introduced in 1930, the Speedy was the first bag that Vuitton suggested for everyday use. Originally a 30cm size, it was then created in a smaller 25cm size for Audrey Hepburn in 1965. Today it is also available in the 35 and 40cm sizes.

While the style of the bag has been re-imagined over the decades (it can be found today in a variety of leathers, colors and designs)  for the past 80 years the classic shape of this bag remains the same.

For a bag collector, or a luxury bag fan, the Speedy bag is up there in the hall of fame of iconic handbags! Visit the website to view our collection of Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, and our collection of Louis Vuitton Keepall bags.


How to Spot a Fake Handbag: Texas Living- KTXD TV Dallas

I had the most amazing day visiting the set of KTXD TV, Texas Living! The co-host team of Kimberly Schlegel Whitman and Hilary Kennedy were even more stylish and multifaceted in person than on the screen.
Kimberly's accolades include TV Host, Author, Radio Personality, Lifestyle Expert, Speaker, Blogger, RSVP calendar Publisher, Party Planner and Social Media Aficionado.  Hilary is a native Texan and graduate of Texas Christian University who enjoys all things lifestyle and entertainment.

The ladies and I spent the morning discussing key factors in buying authentic bags and learning the key points to look for in spotting a fake.

First and foremost, I strongly suggest you only buy from a trusted seller that guarantees authenticity or your money back. For example on eBay, look for sellers with a history and good feedback. When buying on the web, only consider those companies who guarantee authenticity or your money back.

  1. Each luxury handbag brand has different markings to consider, however, the fact remains that each bag have a serial number or stamp should be prevalent. On a Hermes Birkin it is on the flap, on a Louis Vuitton it is on the interior of the bag, on Chanel it is on a sticker inside the bag.
  2. The stitching should be consistent. It might be pulled in an area, but it won't be uneven.
  3. The patena on a Louis Vuitton bag will be prevalent on the handles. The patena is created from oils on your hands. If the bag shows wear on the bottom but doesn't show a patena, the bag is a fake.
  4. There are certainly limited edition bags, however, if the style, color and proportion of the handles aren't constant, the bag is a fake.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but these guidelines can get you started. Just remember if the price of a bag is "too good to be true", it probably is.

At The Vintage Contessa we guarantee the authenticity of every bag or we'll give you your money back. We buy every bag in our stock. We are not a consignment store. So, we in essence put our money where our mouth is.

My husband and partner, Rob Chramosta, is an estate jeweler, numismatist, vintage watch dealer and diamond dealer.  He has been in the industry for over 30 years. Our reputation means everything in our business. It would be counterproductive to sell anything fake. Therefore, we go through a multistep processes authenticating everything we buy and, in turn, sell.

On a side note, look who I ran into at the Texas Living Shoot, Interior Designer Janet Rice. 

And my best friend from college, Kathleen Plagens Evans.


Celebrities Loving Louis Vuitton

We couldn't end our "Celebrity Handbags" series without highlighting those lucky ladies who rock the LV monogram like it's their job. Now that we think about it... sometimes it is their job to sport the brand! Moving on...
Let's take a look at the celebrities that have been spotted with their good-looking Louis V's.

Hilary Duff carries her child on one arm and her LV on another. Way to multitask, Hilary! Maybe she's using her LV tote as a baby bag? Whatever it takes to be stylish, right?

Miranda Kerr is hot. Her Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag in cognac... even hotter! That color is breathtaking and goes perfect with this year's fall oxblood trend.

She looks awfully happy to have her Louis Vuitton handbag. 

Christina Ricci looks adorable in her oxblood coat and her black embossed Louis Vuitton tote. The tote is just right size on her small frame. 

Katherine McPhee wears her Louis Vuitton Speedy out for coffee. All her accessories match her outfit! 

We are utterly against Miley Cyrus's outfit of chose. Her redeeming factor... the monogrammed Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Interested in a Louis Vuitton handbag of your own? Browse through The Vintage Contessa boutique for a variety of styles, sizes and colors.